I love make up and I would never go out without my eye make-up so I was really excited about the new MYscara semi permanent mascara treatment offered at Phoenix Therapy Rooms.

The MYscara product is a safe and eye friendly lash coating. It has a similar effect to traditional mascara but lasts weeks. I was informed that it wouldn’t smudge or budge no matter how much I got them wet- sounds fantastic. 

Like an eyelash tint (that I have all the time) I needed a patch test but as the product doesn’t come in to contact with the skin, I couldn’t really see why!  Jenny applied a small amount on my outer lashes and I had to wait 24 hours to ensure I had no reaction.  Thank fully there was no reaction, so I eagerly booked my appointment which was to last about an hour.  I had recently had my lashes tinted so jenny didn’t do this but explained that if the client has fair coloured lashes then she would tint the base of the lashes as the MYscara product doesn’t go right to the rout of the lash as it is all about building volume and length.

The lashes were prepared very much like they would for a tint; cleansed and dried, protection pads under the bottom lashes, the difference being that the top lashes were taped over – I thought this would be a very unpleasant experience having tape on the top lashes, however extremely pleased that I didn’t even notice this had happened.  Jenny is very gentle and patient and doesn’t rush her treatments; I can imagine it might be rather unpleasant if you had a very heavy handed lash technician.

The product was applied with a small adapter to the bottom lashes first and allowed to dry.  Jenny applied one coat and showed the effect using a mirror- we decided another coat should be applied to create a slightly fuller effect.  Once the bottom lashes were dry, she removed the shields and replaced them over the bottom lashes and un-taped the top ones so that I could close my eyes.  The same procedure was followed for the top lashes; however I opted for 3 coats to gain a similar effect of my normal mascara application.

Once the product was dry, it looked and felt just like a well mascara application, the lashes were separated so there were no clumps and each of the lashes was an even length, something i struggle with especially when I use lash lengthening mascara.

Over the next few days, I applied my usual make-up without mascara and removed it with all the usual products.  The manufactures advice not to use oil based eye make- up removers, I use Mary Kay oil free make up remover which is gentle enough to use even with contact lenses in. click here to find out more.

I was really amazed at the effect, I really didn’t think I would like it that it would clump or move or just look too fake; however it didn’t.

I can imagine of you don’t wear make up every day then this would just be the best thing ever.  I would recommend having your eyebrows tinted at the same time to complete the full effect.

The MYscara treatment costs £45.00 and is available at Phoenix Therapy Rooms at David John salon in Moulsham Street.