Algi-Wrap target & tone

A powerful results-driven treatment for clients who are looking to firm and tone specific problem areas. You will learn how to create a tailored treatments: Tummy Tuck, Butt Lift,Thinner Thighs and Love Handles.

Postgraduate training



Pre-course online learning will ensure you have knowledge and understanding of the lymphatic system and how the body deals with fat and water retention.


1-day workshops taught by Sam Blake. 9.30am - 3.00pm £150.00 A certification fee of £30 is payable at the time of booking

Pre requisite

This course is only suitable for those who are studying or have completed a level 3 regulated body massage qualification.


We provide models for you that you get the as much practice and the best experience ever.


Spa Find products use seaweed to detoxify, menthol oil to lift & tone and a blend of carefully selected plant extracts including guarana, butcher’s broom and horsetail to target pockets of cellulite which give the skin an uneven, dull appearance. Minerals from the Dead Sea leave the skin feeling soft to the touch with long lasting hydration giving immediate improvement to it’s appearance.


This workshop has been accredited with ABT which means that your insurers should recognise it - please check before booking.

In order to ensure that we can serve you best, this training is delivered on a flexible basis either within your salon or at our centre.

Contact Sam Blake 07793532542 to arrange a suitable date then purchase a certification voucher.

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Contact Sam Blake 07793532542 to book this workshop on a 1-1 basis, then purchase your certification voucher.