Natural face-lift massage

Facial acupressure is designed to stimulate key nerves and muscle fibres deep within the skin’s layers to boost collagen production and enhance the skin’s appearance. A facial acupressure therapist taps into key pressure points on the face and neck to release trapped energy, improving the overall functioning of facial muscles can give your face a youthful and toned look, and results may even mimic a non-surgical facelift after a series of treatments.

Postgraduate training



Pre-course online learning will ensure you have knowledge and understanding of skin and the chronological ageing process.


1-day workshops taught by Sam Blake. 9.30am - 3.00pm £150.00 A certification fee of £30 is payable at the time of booking

Pre requisite

This course is only suitable for those who are studying or have completed a level2 regulated skincare & facial treatment qualification.


We provide models for you so you get as much practice and the best experience possible


NYRO 100% organic products containing frankincense ‘pearls’ which are taken to a local distillery where they're steamed to extract the precious essential oil, renowned for its calming and aromatherapeutic benefits.


This workshop has been accredited with ABT, however as it builds on your existing skills, will be recognised through your existing insurance provider.

In order to ensure that we can serve you best, this training is delivered on a flexible basis either within your salon or at our centre.

Contact Sam Blake 07793532542 to arrange a suitable date then purchase a certification voucher.

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Contact Sam Blake 07793532542 to book this workshop on a 1-1 basis, then purchase your certification voucher.