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These courses and workshops have been designed to cover all the skills required to work in a salon or to set up as a home or mobile therapist.  Whilst there is a considerable amount of theory to learn, we focus on the practical competencies ensuring that you are confident in each area through the considerable client practice you will undertake.  There is no doubt that you will be ‘salon ready’ at the end of this comprehensive training.

The delivery is modulated to allow you to become experienced quickly and take assessments at your own pace to allow you to work and earn money as soon as possible

Everything you need to know to create a home based or mobile beauty business in 6 months.To include: Waxing, holistic facial treatments, eyelash & brow treatments, manicure, pedicure, gel polish, nail art & dipping.

Everything you need to know to create a mobile lash business.  Includes lash & brow tinting, lift & perm, brow tinting, shape and design including henna. Facial waxing, strip, flare and single lashes, basic make up application.


This is a self-paced skincare & facial treatments course, which means that all the content is available and you are free to move ahead at your own pace. This online course provides all the knowledge required with the skills delivered through easy to follow videos. providing you with everything you need to know to get you started on your professional career as quickly as possible. 

Waxing is an essential beauty therapists services and a must for a salon therapist. You will learn both strip and non-strip methods and remove hair from arms, legs, under arms, bikini, abdomen and the face.

Skincare & facial treatments are a fundamental part of beauty therapy; The aim of this course is to provide you with the knowledge and skills to improve and maintain facial and skin conditions, understand the complexity of common skin conditions and how best to treat them; provide advice on relevant treatments and skin care products and carry out deep cleansing techniques, exfoliation, heat treatments, massage to the face neck and shoulders and mask therapy.

Manicure & pedicure are an essential part of beauty therapists services and a foundation for nail technology.You will gain the knowledge and skills to provide your clients with hand treatments using a variety of techniques such as nail shaping, cuticle work, hard skin removal, massage enamelling and spa treatments.

Advanced aesthetic skincare is a growing industry with many prominent skin care companies including electrotherapy to their signature facials. In order to work with advanced aesthetic skin care procedures such as plasma, dermal rolling, dermaplaning and peels, an in-depth understanding of the skin, its healing capabilities and how skin varies with internal and external influences is essential.

Building on your lash tinting qualification, this is possibly the best investment you’ll ever make. Sparse, stubby lashes are transformed as synthetic eyelashes are attached to the client’s own natural lashes using permanent glue, which means that the extensions last the lifetime of the client’s natural lash. 

Facial acupressure is designed to stimulate key nerves and muscle fibres deep within the skin’s layers to boost collagen production and enhance the skin’s appearance. A facial acupressure therapist taps into key pressure points on the face and neck to release trapped energy, improving the overall functioning of facial muscles can give your face a youthful and toned look, and results may even mimic a non-surgical face lift after a series of treatments.

The lash lift completely transforms the eyes without the use of mascara or lash curlers.  Even short straight sparse lashes can benefit from this revolutionary treatment, making lashes look longer and thicker even when wet for up to three months. You will learn to apply the silicon pads and perming solution to lift the natural lash.

It is essential that before commencing intimate waxing services the therapist spends time on the importance of consultation, contraindications and hygiene.  In particular, during consultation, the therapist needs to offer ‘progressive’ hair removal for the first time client. During our training we cover all aspects of preparing the area, performing the treatment and aftercare.

Would you like to know what the difference is between a one day and three-month course and which one is best for you to spend your time, effort and finances on?

Are you worried that you need someone to support and guide you, not only with the learning but afterwards to gain employment or start your own business? Maybe you have concerns about which level you need to start with, if you could cope with the theory, or if you could afford to do it?

”I finally found myself and Louise made me realise no matter how many hurdles you face or how much you struggle with the normal reading, writing and general understanding she would a way to make it work for me and it did… the best result I got from Phoenix was finding my inner confidence and perfecting hands on treatments rather than thinking I could never achieve it Louise did that.”-
Cheryl Mawer Lully Lou’s Beauty
Beauty Therapist



‘“The best result from working with Phoenix was going to University and gaining a 2:1 Degree in international spa management and being a very professional therapist with high standards – I wouldn’t have done that without phoenix”.
Bryony MurphyKi Beauty www.kibeauty.co.uk
Salon Manager