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Coventry – Amethyst Centre

I’ve done many things in my life, but I always wanted to work with people and help them sort their problems out. When I did my social studies degree, I was one of the first people to study counselling in Wolverhampton. The austerity of the Thatcher years meant I had to support my family somehow, so I retrained as a secretary: a journey which brought me to working in a further education college. I was asked to join the teaching staff and I retrained as an FE teacher, gaining my Post-Graduate Certificate in Education in 1993. My voluntary work meant I was asked to join the team developing foundation degrees at Warwick University, and I got another Post-Graduate Diploma, this time in managing organisations. But all this wasn’t quite what I originally had in mind. 

A bizarre set of circumstances led me to become attuned to Reiki, and shortly after becoming a Reiki Master I was given the opportunity to take a year out to retrain as a complementary therapist, which I did in 2008. At last this was what I wanted to do!

Several years and a life-threatening illness later, I asked the Universe for a new challenge because I was bored. “So Chris,” my crystal healing teacher said to me one day, “what would you say you would do, if you knew that just by saying it, it would happen?” My reply was “Oh I’d have my own holistic therapy centre!” Closely followed by, “Where did that even come from?” It was not on my list of things to do before I died! But anyway, I went with it, and the Amethyst Centre in Coventry opened its doors on 1st September 2015, much to my amazement – and my husband’s amazement too!

Now I am able to combine all my knowledge, skills and experience in teaching for Phoenix. I wanted to bring Level 3 therapy training to the Centre after finding that the local colleges had closed their level 3 provision, resulting in not being able to recruit properly qualified therapists to the Centre. I’m looking forwards to working with people who want to change their lives in the same way as I did, and I do feel this experience in particular means I can help learners overcome the obstacles life puts in their way when they embark on a course of learning.

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