Ear Candling

Ear candling

The ear contains nerve endings and many acupressure points all of which are connected to the mind and emotions of the human body. These points are connected to the subtle energy field which flows in streams throughout the body, when purified the subtle energy allows the life’s forces to open up to our most sensitive side.

Postgraduate training



Pre-course online learning will ensure you have knowledge and understanding of the anatomy of the ears.


1-day workshops taught at Phoenix 9.30am - 3.00pm £150.00 For alternative venues and multiple therapist bookings, please ask for a bespoke cost.

Pre requisite

This course is only suitable for those who are studying or have completed a level 2 regulated qualification.


We provide real clients so you get the best experience ever.


We only use conical Ear Candles which are made of Linen and Pure Unbleached Beeswax.


This workshop has been accredited with ABT which means that your insurers should recognise it - please check before booking.

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