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Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to find an awesome lash technician?

Maybe because it is more tricky than you think…

The intricate technique takes time and patience and cannot be learnt in a day.  Most one day training workshops are just that, a day of learning, a manual and a kit.  You are then off on your own to make the mistakes and get frustrated.

If you are serious about being a lash technician, there is lots more you need to do.

Before deciding to training in lash extensions ask yourself these three questions and be honest about your answers.

1       How good is your eye sight for close up work? – Many trainees have no idea that their eyesight was poor and I have spoken to many trainers about the difficulties of delegates on their courses who should be wearing glasses but don’t.  This close up work puts a great deal of strain on your eyes as you need to focus on each eyelash to ensure you don’t allow the glue to stick to the skin.

2       How patient are you.  Sometimes a full set will take you two hours; will you get bored and rush the treatment?

3       How busy are you already?  Lash extensions are time consuming; however it is the maintenance that could cause you the problem.  Keeping a client happy is easier than finding a new client; however some therapists are obsessed with new business and neglect their existing clients.  If your client needs a maintenance treatment, you need to find a way of looking after them.  A badly maintained set of lashes is not a good advert for you!

Once you have decided that lash extensions is or might be for you, the next decision you need to make is which company you should train with. I did a Google search recently and found over 60 different ways to train. 

These are the questions you need to ask when looking at training courses.

1       How long is the course, half a day – 4 days is the range I found.

2       Is there pre-study and practice required? if so, you will need a kit and product in advance and therefore it would be wise not to book the day before the course!

3       How easy is it to get replacement lashes and glues?  Is there a minimum order? How much is postage?

4       Does the company have a reputable name that you can use in your marketing? Does the company send updates to education, provide training DVD’s trouble shooting tips, update workshops or once you are done, you are done? – This training usually costs more but a consideration you need to make for the longevity of your business.

5       Who is going to train you? What are their qualifications and experience?

6       Does the course provide models or do you spend most of the training having a full set of lashes?

7       How big is the kit, do you need a kit?  If you want to just do the training to see of it is for you, can you do this?

8       Can you gain a qualification in single lash extensions?  If not does your insurance company recognise the training?  The first website I found when doing a search for problems with lash extensions was a compensation website offering to claim on your behalf for eye injuries caused through lash extension – scary isn’t it?

9       How far do I need to travel; if during the week, you need to consider how much taking a day out of the salon might cost you on top of your training and kit?

10     Can I do just a refresher workshop or call the trainer to talk through any problems I am having once out on my own…


With all that in mind Phoenix have creates 3 options for you to hopefully cover all angles.

  • Our introduction workshop has been designed for delegates to try out the intricate technique before investing in expensive kits or manufacturers training.  All products are supplied on the day and information will be given regarding the extensive variety of lashes available for purchase.  During the day’s training you will see the amazing difference individual Lashes make to the eye area. Each treatment takes around 1.5 to 2 hours and attendees will have lashes attached to their own lashes as well as practicing their skills on a fellow student. Please note that you will not leave the training with lashes attached and will not be expected to complete a full set.  This is what we call Module 1.
  •  Once you have made a commitment to become a lash technician, you will need to gain the necessary practice of applying lashes, rebalancing and maintenance and for this you will require product.  We recommend AH Francis (www.ahfrancis.com) and their kits start from £71.99 inc vat & delivery.  Part 2 of your journey is Module 2; a 3 hour maintenance workshop. You bring with you a client that has had lashes applied at least a week before.  You will be guided through the process of maintenance and rebalancing to ensure your clients return time after time.
  • You might then like to take your  training to a professional level, you can progress your skills and complete the qualification as a City & Guilds Level 3 Award in Individual Lash Extensions by adding a further 2 days training and assessment.*; alternatively you can gain insurance through the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists with this attendance certificate after Module 1.


To book your place on one of these workshops please call 01245 477577 or email enquiries@phoenixhbnt.co.uk and full details can be found at www.phoenixhbnt.co.uk

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