Hollywood waxing

It is essential that before commencing intimate waxing services the therapist spends time on the importance of consultation, contraindications and hygiene. In particular, during the consultation, the therapist needs to offer ‘progressive’ hair removal for the first time client.

Postgraduate training



Pre-course online learning will ensure you have knowledge and understanding of female genitalia to be able to work safely.


1-day workshops taught by Paula Holton. 9.30am - 3.00pm £150.00 A certification fee of £30 is payable at the time of booking

Pre requisite

This course is only suitable for those who are studying or have completed a level 2 waxing regulated qualification.


We provide at least 2 models for you so that you can experience the different body and hair types to get the best experience possible.


The technique required a non-strip wax, we recommend a variety of brands and encourage you to explore one that suits you best.


This workshop has been accredited with ABT which means that your insurers should recognise it - please check before booking.

In order to ensure that we can serve you best, this training is delivered on a flexible basis either within your salon or at our centre.

Contact Paula Holton thewaxingwhitch@gmail.com 07534959358 to arrange a suitable date then purchase a certification voucher.

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Contact Paula Holton thewaxingwhitch@gmail.com 07534959358 to book this workshop on a 1-1 basis, then purchase your certification voucher.