Meet the team

Louise Searles Founder & Director of training

I have come to the conclusion that what makes me happiest in life is helping other people achieve success. Phoenix has provided me with the opportunity to create a great deal of success for others over the years and it has been my absolute pleasure to create many therapists still in the industry today. Having a specialist skill is difficult to pin down, to say, whatever I am teaching is my favourite skill, I research the latest techniques and ways of delivering the material in the best way possible for the learners I have in front of me. I started my training in 1984 and have seen qualifications come full circle. I am always looking to extend training opportunities and find ways to serve my learners better.

Camilla Buckman – Holistic Therapist & Aromatherapist

My ultimate aim is to empower you and provide you with the tools you need to be the best you can be, as well as giving you the confidence in your ability to turn your newly acquired qualification into an amazing, satisfying business or job opportunity. My passion for aromatherapy stems back to childhood and after qualifying as an Aromatherapist in 2010, my love still continues to grow every day. Since then, I have added deep tissue massage, reiki, facials, aesthetic and body treatments to my client offering. I am always studying to find out all the new discoveries out there in order to provide my clients and students with the most up to date knowledge and understanding.

Nikki Mumby - Holistic, Beauty Nail & Lashpreneur

If you want a massive confidence boost to catapult your career, then I'm your girl! My pearls of wisdom from over 25 years working with top brands such as Leighton Denny, Sudo-tan, Swissdermyl and Yves Saint Laurent as well as being one of the makeup artists for Miss England enables me to challenge, inspire and educate you into all areas of the industry from spa and salon work to developing home businesses. I am vivacious and bubbly with a wicked sense of humour which I bring to my teaching, it has been said that my enthusiasm is contagious which in turn ensures you will be confident in your developmental opportunities.

Michelle Andreou - Body Specialist & Reflexologist

I love to teach! To impart my skills and knowledge into creating well-rounded, professional therapists gives me a buzz. I believe that when we learn as adults we bring a wealth of life-skills to the learning journey and I use this experience and build on it. My style of teaching is to make students think…. And find their own answer. I facilitate - guiding students to come to their own conclusions to empower their learning. My lessons are fun and very interactive. Students are encouraged to contribute their own thoughts and ideas as, in that way, we can learn from each other. When learning a new skill there has to be guidelines but I encourage and positively applaud students having a personal take on a skill, finding their own way of doing something that will make them stand out. I believe at the end of their journey with me students will be able to go out into the world as well-rounded, skilled, professional therapists and establish a well-being business.

Paula Holton - Wax specialist

After many years offering a range of beauty treatments, I now specialise in Brazilian & Hollywood waxing also Male Intimate waxing . My aim is to be able to pass on their experience on how to achieve great results whilst minimizing the discomfort, which leads to a loyal client following.