Massage master


Thursday 7th November 2019  – 24 weeks 6.30pm – 9.30pm 


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A great start for anyone wishing to begin his or her career as a massage or body holistic therapist and is a pre-requisite for sports massage, stone and lava shell therapy.  You will learn how to conduct body analysis; prepare the working environment; carry out treatments to cover relaxation; aid weight-loss; stimulation and lymphatic drainage and use Infra-red and G5 pre-warming treatments.  The massage techniques taught will include Effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, frictions, vibration and neuromuscular.  Adaptations will be taught so that you can provide treatments which are relaxation, improved blood and lymph circulation, stimulating/sedating nerves, improves skin texture, improves muscle tone, aids digestion and improves underlying structures.






Additional information

Cost & payment terms:

The cost of the training is £630. A £100 booking fee is required to confirm your place – please see the terms and conditions. The balance of the training fee can be paid over the duration of the course by bank transfer.


This course is suitable for beginners and requires a desire to excel and a professional mature attitude.

Course structure:

We use a variety of teaching methods which will vary according to the groups we have. Much learning is through practical application, discussion, exploration with treatments performed on each other until safe correct techniques have been mastered. You will then progress to working on clients and will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of your treatments and complete task work quickly during the course.

Term dates:

Daytime courses follow the Essex City Council term dates. We always look to accommodate our learners as much as possible so if you have holidays already scheduled, please speak to us before booking your course.
Evening and weekend courses usually train throughout the year with negotiated breaks where necessary.

What units are included:

Unit 305 & if not previously completed, health & safety, unit 202.

Additional study required:

You will be given research, practical and written tasks to do each week; they will take between 2-3 hours depending on your learning style plus you will have the anatomy & physiology course to compete which can be done at your own pace. There is no pressure to complete all the work within the hours of the course; we offer a lifelong learning opportunity so you can keep going without the pressure.

How you are assessed:

The practical will be assessed when carrying out treatments on clients throughout the course which will be part of the reflective practices required to achieve the qualification. The theory is completed through an online test which is scheduled to meet your needs.

Kit required:


Workwear required:

If you are new to the industry, you will be required to purchase professional salon jacket & trousers from Labeeby Academy. £45.20

Exam fees:

Registrations last for 3 years. One time Evolve registration fee £23.70. Certification fee £10.60 per unit plus optional £20.60 Award fee* fees will be increased from August 1st 2019. If you have previously completed a City & Guilds qualification, it would be helpful to use your existing enrolment number which can be found on your certificate.