1-2 The Cartlodge
Warners Farm Main Road, Chelmsford
Essex CM3 1BL
Contact Louise on: 07813 068560


During your time here we will make every effort to: –

  • Help you choose a program of study, which suits your needs
  • Provide a learning environment, which encourages you to develop your potential
  • Provide suitably qualified and committed staff
  • Make sure your classes start and end on time
  • Provide access to advice, information on any educational matter throughout the course
  • Offer support and guidance and advise you regularly on your progress
  • Provide a safe and pleasant environment for your studies
  • Promote a caring and supporting atmosphere free from bad language
  • Keep you up to date with developments in industry which effect you
  • Establish equality of opportunity
  • Provide the opportunity to develop business contacts and work experience


Phoenix HBNT asks you to make every effort to: –

  • Participate fully in your program of study;
  • Take responsibility for your own learning and help us to assess your learning by completing and signing a course evaluation
  • Seek help if you need it
  • Be considerate to the rights and interests of colleagues
  • Treat everyone with respect, regardless of differences in culture, ability, race, gender, age, sexual orientation or social class
  • Take an active part in equal opportunities by challenging discriminating behavior and refusing to take part in jokes and behavior that degrades others
  • Let us know promptly if you feel that we have not provided the service we have promised, or if you have any other problems
  • Comply fully with Health & Safety procedures.
  • At all times be appropriately dressed; full clean uniform, no jewellery, hair secured. Day make up and well manicured nails
  • We operate a strict no smoking policy which we ask to include immediately before attending training
  • Attend all classes that are scheduled for your training,  arrive on time and stay till the end.