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Say goodbye to plastic white tips…

and hello to elegant sculptured nails.

Sculpting is an advanced technique that does not require tips, glue or blending.  Although there is no hard evidence, some nail technicians believe that the glue used to attach the plastic tip to your nail is not helpful to the overall health of the nail. Instead of a plastic tip, the nail is extended, shaped and sculpted with a brush over a ‘form’ applied under your natural nail. With this technique our skilled nail technicians can create fantastic looking nails in both pink and classic pink and white.

The process may take longer than a traditional plastic tip and overlay however sculpted nails are very much in demand by the more discerning customer as they are more durable, therefore less prone to breaking and can be designed to fit your nail shape perfectly.


Not many salons offer this service as it is an advanced technique, usually only attempted by a seriously dedicated nail technician.  At the Phoenix Therapy Rooms, 1st Floor David John Salon, Moulsham Street we are proud to offer sculpted nails by International Competition Nail winner Annamarie Farkas and bookings are now being taken for Christmas by calling 01245 290290.

For those nail technicians wishing to learn this technique we offer two levels of training:

Step 1 is our basic sculpting masterclass where you will be taught how to fit a nail form on the front of the finger and how to shape an exquisite free edge on the form to extend the natural nail; sculpting the pink gel or acrylic with your brush to form a perfect, natural looking curved nail.

Step 2 is our advanced masterclass; here you will be learn how to sculpt using two products, a pink and a white to produce a stunning french manicure look; You will learn the advanced technique of building the nail back towards the cuticle, pink over the nail body and a dazzling white free edge and sharp smile line.

For workshops dates and more information visit www.phoenixhbnt.co.uk or call 01245 477577